Architecture Biennial, Venice 2023

Palazzo Mora 

European Cultural Centre

20. Mai - 26. November 2023


With five photographs, the architect affords an insight into his fledgling work based on his first five buildings, documenting the essence of his architecture. Using personal notes and sketches, he guides visitors through his designs and explains his thought processes regarding building culture, sustainability based on holistic approaches, and his search for poetic qualities in architectural space. Models make his precise understanding of construction and tectonics as well as his conceptual thinking tangible and visible. 

Discover building history

When researching buildings, I notice that the existing building stock tells its story to the attentive observer. The typology and the countless details that characterise these buildings tell that story. The buildings speak of the building culture, the craft and their inhabitants. Careful analysis reveals the building’s history to the observer. References to traditional construction methods and regional peculiarities become visible. The smallest details often carry with them important information. Some buildings openly flaunt their identities, while others subtly convey information about their architecture.

Recognise identities

I am particularly interested in buildings that have engagement with what already exists at their core. It fascinates me when existing identities are recognised, taken up and carried over into the design. A respectful handling of the existing building is important to me. I am not, however, interested in imitation, but rather in interpretation and further development.

Poetic qualities

In my search for poetic qualities in architecture, I am interested in natural materials, their feel and their properties, as well as room sequences, proportions and perspectives. Material and form alone, however, do not meet my qualifications for poetic quality.  References to the building situation or use also need to be taken into consideration on a sensory level. Poetry arises through the composition of elements, from the interplay of material, form and symbolism. Craftsmanship plays just as important a role as the selection of components or the reduction to a room’s essence. 

Sense of security

Rooms that radiate a high degree of comfort and safety have always fascinated me. Some architecture instils a feeling of safety the moment I enter. There, I feel the power of the room, its sensuousness, the skilful handling of proportions, as well as the visual and haptic impressions. If a building blends subtly into its surroundings, the location can also emit a particular sense of comfort and safety upon the building. The desired effect unfolds in the interplay and interaction of the individual actors. 

Constructive honesty

Constructive honesty is a conscious attitude towards architecture. It refers to material-appropriate tectonics and construction, thereby honouring the craft. If a strong design idea is ultimately to become a successful building, consistent implementation is key. I am fascinated by buildings that exhibit an internal order in the form that is well thought out and detailed in accordance with the design. When it comes to project planning, this step in the process is of particular interest, as this is where a specific building emerges from an idea.

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